Easy Blouse Patterns to Sew for Beginners

Imagine the thrill of wearing clothes made by your own hands! It’s an exhilarating feeling, knowing you’re creating something truly unique, born from your own imagination and creativity. In this article, I’ll share three easy blouse patterns that anyone can tackle. Whether you’re a seasoned sewing pro looking for a quick project or a newcomer eager to dive in, these patterns are perfect for you! And if you don’t have a sewing machine, no problem! We’ve included guides for hand-sewing these patterns. Don’t let anything hold you back from unleashing your creativity!

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    Things we will cover in here:

    Choose a blouse pattern for everyday use ➡
    Pick simple but not overly casual blouse patterns ➡
    #1 simple blouse sewing pattern ➡
    #2 simple blouse sewing pattern ➡

    Pick a top pattern for everyday use

    For everyday use, there are some practical factors to consider. Don’t forget about them…in the long run they do matter!

    THEY NEED TO BE EASY TO PUT ON. Choose something you can see yourself putting on quickly in the morning when your in a rush! Fast to slip in blouse, or perhaps a simple tie on top! I actually found that a blouse with tie on neck bands are the easiest to wear! I can adjust the tension during the day as I please – sometimes loser when nobody is watching! Or tighter when I’m late and running to catch my bus! So handy!

    Take a look at the GODDESS HALTER TOP below. I designed this pattern last year on paper. Their digital PDF pattern will be ready soon, so stay tuned and follow us on social media for updates!

    The goddess hallter neck blouse by aya mana in peach color - a simple blouse pattern

    Pick less complicated blouse patterns but still not overly casual

    I like dressing usually in a way that I’m always ready for simple but unexpected events! For example, I perform a mental exercise before picking my next top pattern to design and make. I imagine them on me, then I picture myself running into my boss in the supermarket at the milk section isle. Would I feel awkward in this top… overly casual? Would I look like wearing something slightly resembling a pyjama?

    I then also think about running into my crush in the local café! Would I feel confident enough in this blouse? But also not overdressed…surely we wouldn’t want that!

    So all in all, I recommend picking something that 80% resembles a casual T-shirt…or a simple tank top…or anything you feel comfortable wearing on those reaaallly reaalllly lazy, power-down days. Then look for blouse patterns that add one subtle elegant feature to that overly casual look. This one extra feature would be the remaining 20% that completes your go-to elegant-casual vibe!

    The PARALIA BOAT NECK TOP is an all time favorite in my wardrobe. I have it in two different colors and in my morning dress-up routine, it’s treated like a casual T-shirt! No lengthy thoughts on what to pair it with, it works great with everything! But that added shoulder-flashing feature is an extra that makes stand out amongst regular T-shirts!

    Paralia Boat Neck Blouse Pattern

    Yes, I mentioned this top before…but I wasn’t kidding, this IS my favorite go to blouse in my wardrobe! It’s just so easy to throw on and so quick! I treat it as a regular T-shirt, but then it also has that off-should touch to it! Trust me, it makes it special!

    Now, making this blouse is also as easy of a task! The pattern has a total of 4 pieces and the instructions included illustrate each step clearly. Also there are 7 sizes included in the pattern that you can choose from!

    There is also an included guide on how to sew this top by hand. It can be done by three stitches only! It’s true! That’s how I made the blouse you see below!

    Paralia Boat Neck Blouse Sewing Pattern pieces - simple blouse patterns made by Aya Mana
    The paralia boat neck blouse pattern, in green made as one of the blouse patterns at aya mana

    Goddess Halter Neck Blouse

    Yet another favorite regular in my wardrobe. I have this top in 4 different colors and I wear them interchangeably! As I’m currently living Mérida, México, the temperature is way above 40 celsius in the summer season. So I love to combine this top with a pair of jeans shorts, or my simple A-line skirt. But on salsa nights I also pair it with long trousers and sandal heels occasionally!

    This blouse is also easy to make and won’t take too long! This pattern has also a total of 4 pieces and the instructions included also illustrate each step clearly. And… there are 7 sizes included in the pattern that you can choose from!

    This pattern is still in the process of getting it digitalised, and as a small business it is taking a bit longer. But in a week it will be ready, so why not sign up to our email list to have the update immediately at your “doorstep”!

    aya mana blouse patterns - the peach halter neck top

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