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Why My Hobby is Sewing

I think there comes a time in everybody’s life where our repetitive daily routine no [...]

Easy Blouse Patterns to Sew for Beginners

Imagine the thrill of wearing clothes made by your own hands! It’s an exhilarating feeling, [...]

How to Sew by Hand for Beginners – Simple Blouse Pattern

If you made it here and you’re reading this, it means you already have an [...]


Living in Merida Mexico – My First Month

Hola todo! In my last post I talked about my background and what motivated me [...]


How I quit job to travel from London to Mexico in 2023

Everyone I’ve met in Mexico during my trip so far and shared my story with [...]


Clothing for Mental Health with Survey to Fill for Discount Code

Have you ever found yourself in a state of total distraction and inner turmoil? Unable [...]


The Dream of Job Offer Made Easy with our FREE PDF Guide

Job search, CV tips, interview preps … all in one PDF to help you find [...]

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Holiday Capsule Wardrobe: 10 Must-Have Pieces for 2023 Summer

Summer, without a doubt, takes the crown as my ultimate favorite season. It’s the time [...]


What not to wear on an interview

The thrill of receiving your invitation to a job interview can be exciting! However, when [...]


What’s business casual dress code?

What does smart casual dress code mean? Today I’m going to talk about a topic [...]