Our goals

We understand the term “conscious” can often be vague and difficult to define. That’s why we believe in taking a more focused approach to making a difference. We believe in starting with small initiatives that align with our core values and putting in the necessary effort to continually improve upon them. By taking this approach, we believe that we can make a real impact and contribute to a more sustainable future. 

Sustainable Packaging

Our packaging is all about giving you a unique unboxing experience whilst being eco-friendly. And what’s exciting about it is that we designed the packaging in a way to make it POSSIBLE FOR YOU TO RE-USE IN THE FUTURE.

Our social values

We are passionate about creating workwear that not only makes you look great, but also helps you to feel great in your professional life. We believe that fashion should be about more than just looking good, it should be about feeling good and being empowered to succeed in all areas of your life. BUT… our focus expands beyond mere customer satisfaction! We are greatly committed to build a platform to align forces with you and other strong women to offer encouragement, advice and resources to each other. We create FREE resources with the latest tips and secrete insights into the corporate  and career world! Whether you’re starting a new job, climbing the corporate ladder, or running your own business you will find the resources to support you!

The Dream of Job Offer Made Easy with our FREE PDF Guide

Job search, CV tips, interview preps … all in one PDF to help you find [...]

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