Why My Hobby is Sewing

I think there comes a time in everybody’s life where our repetitive daily routine no longer challenges us. We get so accustomed to the regular schedule that we feel more tired of just thinking about it than from the actual activities we need to complete as part of this routine. I’m no shrink by no means, but I think this is the point at which we need to take a sec and rethink what we’re doing and why! We need to find the challenge and motivation that we lost somewhere along the way. A hobby, an activity, a passion. My hobby is sewing.

Why I needed to start a hobby

As a software engineer in the corporate world in London, among the corporate sharks, I never fit in well. I liked my job, but I wasn’t motivated by the same things as others. I wasn’t interested in climbing the socials ladder. Instead, I liked having quirky conversations and dressing colorfully. I used to shop second hand clothes as well as new ones…branded or non branded, it didn’t matter. But soon I ran out of options on where to hunt for items that caught my eye….for new clothes, interesting clothes, not the boring ones anymore!

I used to doodle outfit ideas in my pocket calendar or on a piece of paper while riding the metro home. Funny enough, back then, I didn’t even consider learning how to sew. Looking back, I realize my daily routine was missing creativity and imagination, but deep down, I think I was craving it all along!

Why my hobby is sewing now

Me in MErida in my goddess halter neck top, explaining why sewing is my hobby

In September 2023 I took the long-awaited decision of moving to Mexico. Although I didn’t know anyone there, no relatives, no job lined up and didn’t speak the language either. All I had was a strong desire to experience life in Latin America. My life in London was just not cutting it for me anymore. I needed to spice things up and finally have a taste of the colorful life I’ve only been able to express through my clothes and sewing.

I’m really proud of the leap I took, even if it was a bit blind! Haha. Moving to Mérida, México has been quite the journey so far, and as I write this, I’m 10 months into it. While I’ve enjoyed my time here, I still feel like I’m searching for something more, something different. So, next week, I’m headed to the capital to see what life is like there. In this quest for my place in the world, I’m learning so much about myself and my surroundings. The ONLY CONSTANT fact that I can rely on at them moment is that my hobby is sewing. It’s what I turn to whenever I feel lost. Sharing my ideas & creations on instagram brings me peace, knowing that I’m building something that stays with me no matter where I am.

Why YOU should start sewing as a hobby

Other than the obvious “developing and following a passion for something”, there are many other benefits for starting sewing as a hobby. Things like developing hand-eye coordination, learning mathematical skills, mending clothes and exploring creativity.

Believe it or not, sewing also offers other benefits like promoting longer, healthier, and more alert lives. The problem-solving tasks involved in sewing stimulate the mind in ways that might surprise you. It’s not just about creativity; it’s about actively engaging your brain with each project you complete.

As the Dementia Caregivers Site mentions, mental exercises like sewing can stimulate the mind, strengthen brain cells, and increase connections between them. It’s a form of mental exercise that’s both rewarding and beneficial in unexpected ways.

HOW TO GET STARTED? You’re in luck! All sewing pattern sites assume you already have a sewing machine at home. If you do that’s great, you will love working on your machine! But if you don’t, don’t get discouraged! I DON’T A MACHINE EITHER…with my constant moving around it’s impossible!

My favorite part of sewing is that all our patterns include instructions for those of us who don’t own a sewing machine—it’s just you, a thread, and a needle! I’ve personally crafted many garments by hand using these patterns, and they’ve turned out surprisingly robust and durable. So, take a peek and pick out one of our beginner-friendly patterns! Happy sewing!

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