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Finding a new job can be a daunting task for many reasons. The job market is constantly changing and the competition can be fierce. BUTTTT… I am not here today to discuss the difficulties or obstacles of landing just ANY job! I am writing this article to tell you how to find your dream of job happiness in the industry that suits you the best! As a smart-casual workwear line, at Aya Mana we don’t only look out for your fashion needs but also your career growth & development.

So here is a free PDF download, A GUIDE THAT I WISH I HAD at the time I was searching for a job and that I haven’t been able to find myself anywhere ! So let’s get started and find you the best that you deserve!

Here is the content we will cover in this article:

FREE job offer PDF on finding your dream job ➡
Choose an industry ➡
Choose the company and role ➡
Perfecting your CV ➡
Interview dress code ➡
Interview prep ➡
Salary negotiation ➡


There can be many factors involved in greatly impacting your job hunting process. These can be personal circumstances that make you stressed and rushed to find a new job, whether because you’re short of money or have been let go recently or many others…

Another reason that I have noticed with many of my ex-colleagues is the age and status in life. These two factors will heavily influence your job searching process and your requirements that you need to look out for. But whatever position you’re in, it’s important for you to realise that searching for a job is a lengthy and challenging process, you need to be patient, consistent and determined! But for real, let that sink in!

As a bonus, I will use my own experience as a real-life example on what and what not to do to help you along the way! And, there’s more, I have a free downloadable checklist guide to help you cover everything you need to know!

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    Content we will cover:

    Choose an industry ➡
    Choose the company and role ➡
    Perfecting your CV ➡
    Interview dress code ➡
    Interview prep ➡
    Salary negotiation ➡


    This is probably the most important but also the hardest of it all: the gateway to a happy job life! You kinda need to get this one right for your longterm job satisfaction! The good news is that I have included lots of resources in the guide to help you decide which industry you see yourself working in the best! You can also do your own research for extra support… there are many great content online with some handy tips on finding remote jobs, jobs in the travel industry and some more relevant to your niche or area! But let me summarise here a few of the most important to-dos…

    It’s hard to pin down where your dream of job contentment lies. Picking an industry that you feel passionate about can be a tough task, constantly thinking: “what do I like? what do I want to do…? But of course your personal circumstances will play an important role on what you can allow yourself to do and what not!

    this happened to me…

    I studied Electrical Engineering in a quite competitive university in London, UK. I was not very keen on the subject and I was definitely not passionate about my field. The only reason I chose it back then was because I was too young to now what I wanted to do in life. Frankly, this question was scaring me and probably it still does: “What do I want in life…” It’s such a big commitment and many of us tend to chicken out…

    BUT IT DOESN’T NEED TO BE LIKE THAT! Don’t think in black & white only, if you don’t know what your passions are now, you will find out later. In the meantime, you might as well be practical and earn some money, buy a house, travel around or just do whatever benefits you in the long term!

    think of your strengths back in school…

    The same thing happened to me! Back in school I was good at maths and physics, so I ended up applying to engineering degree. Of course, after uni I still didn’t know what I like. So I followed what everyone else was doing around me, and I applied to an investment bank. Also because as a fresh graduate, I really needed the money… so I spent years working there. I was good at it, but not particularly invested in it. But if you ask me, I wouldn’t do it any other way. Because at the time, this is what I needed the most, it gave me the security and eventually the job satisfaction for the time being.

    think of your immediate needs

    And that’s my point! Six years ago, you might have had different priorities and your dream of job perfection might have been one that paid well and had good job security. You don’t need to call it a waste of time, there are many skills and work experience that you gained and can transfer to any other job in your future.

    your age is a huge influence

    Yes, age IS a factor and there is no shame about that – I feel it myself too! I definitely feel that I know better what I want, or more …what I DON’T want in my life compared to me at a younger age! I am able to filter out the things that slow me down or don’t necessarily contribute to my long term goals. And I also have reached a point in my work life where I want to put my energy and focus into something I’m truly passionate about, something I could do for hours because I love it.

    make a list of the people you worked with

    If I wasn’t doing what I’m doing today, I would love to join a marketing role. Although, I have never worked in a marketing environment or even studied anything marketing, I think it would interest me a lot! In my online fashion course that I did a year ago, one of my group members happened to be on the same teeny-tiny island in the Mediterranean, where I was spending two weeks. It was such a coincidence, because the course was international, with most of the students based in the US. So we met up and chatted for a while and her full-time job was in marketing. We spoke a lot about her job role and what interesting things she gets to do on a day-to-day bases and I got a taste of the excitement and satisfaction she feels in her work.

    So now it’s your turn! Follow the guide I sent you – and if you haven’t yet downloaded it, it’s time to do so 🙂 – to change your way of thinking about your previous job (or course) and use it to benefit your industry research!


    Again, choosing a company or job role will be influence by many factors. Something important you should think about is the size of the company. As an example, when I started my full time job at an investment bank after graduation, I was thrilled to work for such an enormous organisation! We were sent to New York for two weeks of training and graduates joined from all around the world. It was exciting and adventurous! I met so many people, from so many countries! I definitely made use of all the networking opportunities, just because I enjoyed doing it! So this might be something you want to do too, and in that case you should focus on applying to larger companies and of course tailoring your interview prep in that direction.

    Another powerful tool that you should have at your disposal when it comes to finding your dream of job satisfaction is LinkedIn. In fact, LINKEDIN SHOULD BE YOUR BEST FRIEND during this time, and because of that I added a whole section to show you how to get the most out of this tool. This is great for finding recruiters to help you and also to explore job roles that you might not have even heard of. So be sure to get the guide – you don’t want to miss out on this!


    This topic could be an article on its own! However, in this PDF guide we summarised the main points for you to look out for in your CV. This is based on my experience as both an interviewer and an interviewee! Don’t dismiss it as this is the first impression the a company will have of you!

    keep your CV concise and to the point

    There was a time in my job at an investment bank where the quality of management went down significantly and everyone in my team was leaving the firm. So I decided to follow their footsteps. I wrote my first CV since leaving university and sent it to me friend who has been working as an interviewer for a while in the industry. I received my CV a day later full of red marks ad notes. Basically I had start all over again. There were so many useful takeaways that I decided to include them all in the guide.

    But I guess the main one was to be mindful of the purpose that the CV serves. I got so lost in explaining my projects, their requirements and outcomes, and there was very little focus on me. But it should have been all about me. Same way, your CV should be all about you, your achievements and your roles in the project. Don’t worry, if the recruiters are interested in more details they will reach out to you! You might as well leave a little mystery behind. Something to grab their attention with…


    This is probably my favourite part of the process! “Dress to impress” this should be your motto for the day – but of course don’t overdo it 🙂 Put on something that’s unconventional, yet belongs in a professional environment. Don’t shy away from colours, but also don’t go for intensely bright neon colours either.

    Choose a rich, darker, deeper and mysterious shade for your outfit. Navy and black are used to widely and time has passed them by. Now it’s time to go for something fresh and attention grabbing.

    At Aya Mana we enjoy introducing pops of colours to brighten up your workday. Peach is brings a sense of warmth and cheer to any environment. So take a look at our cotton colour jersey and pair it with a light pair of trousers or elegant pencil skirt. It’s just the right interview outfit that you’re looking for!

    Again, choosing an interview outfit might seem as an unnecessary thing to look out for, but don’t dismiss it! Every tiny detail counts and contributes towards them forming their impression of you! So grab this opportunity too and use it to demonstrate your personality and creativity! You should also take a look at this article about all the outfit details you need to look out for in an interview.


    As for the interview prep, the PDF you received has a detailed checklist for you to go over before your big day! It included guidance on how to prepare in terms of generic and technical revision and many other pointers that you should consider during your prep work. These are based on my experience and the things I required from candidates when I interviewed them. They might sounds basic, but trust me, not everyone does them and if you do you can seriously stand out from the crowed. So follow that checklist accurately – it will make you confident and prepared for the day!

    I also included a section on how the interview process works in general – this is info that people always assume that the candidates are familiar with. But that’s almost never the case, so check it out in your download!


    If you have reached this far then congrats on landing your dream of job offer and well done! You can skip on the salary negotiation section that not many resources out there mention. However, it’s just as important as anything else!

    But if you haven’t yet found your role, no worries, just stay patient and consistent – even though it’s easy to say and harder to do, I know! You will undoubtedly find what you’re looking for, you just need a little more time! And don’t let any rejections discourage you, it just means that the job post was simply not made for you!

    When it comes to salary negotiation, remember to believe in your worth and be ready to negotiate, but obviously don’t be unrealistic.


    As a quick recap, you went through many stages of the length process to fulfil your dream of job offer! The guide that you received included everything from industry and company research, recruiters, networking, CV updates, interview prep and salary negotiation! Stay on top of it, don’t lose faith and dedication! And let us know what you thought of this in comments below! We are always keen to improve ourselves!

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